Southern Tanzania jewel...

Get closer to the Nature.

Southern Tanzania

Remote, raw and filled with wildlife.

The southern Tanzania is home to the very accessible Selous Game Reserve, Mikumi National park, Udzungwa National Park and the beautiful and little-visited gem of Ruaha, the country’s largest National Park.

The rolling wilderness of Ruaha National Park, studded with the great baobab trees, and intersected by the Ruaha river, is known for its elephant population, large herds of buffalo, big lion prides, rarer antelope species and its bird life.

Selous Game Reserve is on the coastal plains, with the Rufiji River running through it, supplying a system of lakes with water year-round, allowing for boat-based game and bird viewing too.. Both reserves are linked by daily flights in light aircraft operating from bush strips within each reserve/park. Ruaha can also be linked to the superb and even more seldom-visited Katavi NP in the west, three times a week.

Ruaha National Park

The hidden jewel of Africa

Of all the reserves and national parks in Africa, Ruaha is my favourite. Nothing can beat its variety of stunning landscapes and dry season wildlife action. Combined with only having a handful of lodges and being bigger than the Serengeti, if you really want to feel in the heart of Africa, Ruaha is the place for the ultimate safari.

Nyerere National Park

Africa’s largest National Park.

The most varied safari experience in the south and in the country, is in the enormous, 55,000 square-kilometer Selous Game Reserve. Not only is there an abundance of wildlife, there is a greater range of ways to enjoy the wildlife with walking safaris, vehicle safaris, and boat safaris on the Rufiji river and on the lakes. Rare and endangered wild dogs are regularly seen here and animals wander through the camps.

The Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania can provide the best safari experiences in the country, depending on your criteria. If you want to see tens of thousands of wildebeest and zebra, it’s not the place, but if you want to avoid other vehicles as much as possible and enjoy varied environments and activities, it’s the place to be.

Transport to & from Selous Game Reserve

AIR: Airstrip – Selous Lower, Mtemere – a 10 minute complimentary drive from camp.
Flights: 45-minute flight from Dar es Salaam, to Selous Lower Mtemere. 

ROAD: 235km from Dar es Salaam, via Kibiti and Mloka – Tarmac to Kibiti, dirt roads from there on. Driving time: 5 hours +, depending on road conditions, from $350 one way per vehicle 

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